Oh My love (2020)

Oh my love
Today you’re leaving.

I’m not sure what to tell you,
I’m looking at a simple word
‘cause you know
There’s no time enough.

Please don’t run away,
Give me the opportunity
To express all my feelings.

At the beginning, I looked at you
With distrust,
With the glass of my old beliefs,
My old scars.

And you just stay there,
so handsome and patient.

I fight, I refuse, I object, I hide myself,
But you won;
You closed my mouth, my breath,
Even my freedom disappeared.

Meanwhile, I smiled,
I undressed and gave up myself.

When I felt that can’t hold you any more,
An orgasmic path started,
The beginning of creation,
The death of expectation.

And then after all,
I breath with your strange rules,
I feel free with your strange shackles,
I smile as never did before.

So honey, thanks after all,
To teach me how to hold myself,
Even when outside, everyone is falling apart.

Oh my love, good bye,
Tomorrow another year,
is going to take your place
And I’m excited to take it too.

Bye bye 2020
Welcome 2021

With my open heart,
Katherin Löwenthal

Limassol, 04-01-21.

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